Cloaksense Brooch

Warning Brooch


A cloaksense brooch infuses
any cloak it is fastened to with magic. The brooch uses
the character’s Perception Step as a magical probe.
When the character is in immediate danger of a surprise
attack, he makes a Perception Test against the
lowest Spell Defense among the attacking group. If
successful, the cloaksense brooch warns the character
of the attacker’s presence, foiling Surprise or Blindside
attacks. Cloaksense only works against ambushes
within 10 yards of the character, and each attempt to
use the brooch causes the wearer 1 Strain. In a situation
where use of a cloaksense brooch might come in
handy for the character, the Game Master should ask
the player if he wants to use it or not, at which point
the character makes his choice (and takes the Strain).


Cloaksense Brooch

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